Self-driven airborne taxi testing by the end of 2017

To address the rising concern of rush-hour traffic, Airbus is looking skywards for solutions to relieve urban congestion. A³, the Silicon Valley arm of Airbus, revealed its secret flying-car project named Vahana, a single-manned, autonomously piloted aircraft. The aircraft is composed of eight rotors on two sets of wings, both of which tilt depending on […]

Can you guess the world’s most popular password?

Looking at the list of 2016’s most common passwords, we couldn’t stop shaking our heads. Nearly 17 percent of users are safeguarding their accounts with “123456.” What really perplexed us is that so many website operators are not enforcing password security best practices. We scoured 10 million passwords that became public through data breaches that […]

Opera’s Neon concept browser is different with a focus on content!

Web browsers aren’t always interesting. They have a task, a purpose, and don’t always see the sort of innovation that can be called “exciting”. Opera, which is now owned by a consortium of Chinese companies, has decided to liven things up. And right on cue, we have the Opera Neon, which is an experimental desktop […]