Pre-orders of Nintendo Switch start today

Nintendo has announced the launch date and price of the Nintendo Switch at an event in Tokyo; the company’s next console will be released worldwide on March 3 for $300 in the US and comparable amounts elsewhere. The company also confirmed many things hitherto only rumored about the console: a capacitive screen, motion controls, a new Splatoon and Mario, and more.

Yes, and for those of you came here for the Zelda release date, I’m just going to put it up top, even though it was literally the last thing they announced. Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available at launch. Watch the new trailer; this game looks completely off the chain.

The screen is a capacitive 6.2″ 1280×720 touchscreen, settling one of the major points gamers were nervous about. A touchscreen opens up endless gameplay possibilities, not to mention allowing DS and Wii U games to be ported or emulated.

The console comes with 32 GB of space inside, but you can also slot in a Micro SD card, something that many gamers will appreciate. There are also USB ports on the base, which may function as further storage or charging options.

Battery life depends on the game, but may be as short as 2.5 hours or as long as 6.5 hours. With Zelda, for example, it’s “roughly 3 hours.” You can play while charging, of course; it hooks up via a USB Type-C connector in the dock or a cable.

Up to 8 Switches can be connected for local multiplayer. And of course you can play on one Switch with the detachable controllers — Nintendo calls this “sharing the joy.”


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